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Quotes Hi Just thought we would send you these few photos of Lola, who we collected today, she is settling in well and enjoyed a trip to the beach with the others and my friends two Chinese crested, she also enjoyed a fish from the chippy!! Thanks for a lovely girl...oh we have decided to call her Tara : ) Tracy & Ivan Quotes
Tracy & Ivan Ihnatyszcz
Lola the whippet

Quotes hi all , we recently adopted a dog on friday ( ALBY) as u called him on form on webiste. Such a well mannered dog!!!! does as you say and has been no trouble at home dont know how anyone wouldnt want him.He is very happy in his new home, so thanks again and i will be telling my friends about him Quotes
Rachy (member)
Alby is a dream!!

Quotes Hello to you all, Just looked at your website and seen Jasper!! How brilliant was that!! May call on you in the near future for a companion for him. When anyone asks where we got him from we will be delighted to tell them. Good luck in your re-homing task Hazel & Roy Bartle Quotes
Hazel & Roy Bartle

Quotes "We are delighted to work in partnership with Aspen Valley Kennels Oswaldtwistle who have been rehoming stray dogs since 1997. We aim to further assist them in their plight to give a dog a home. There tireless record is second to none" Quotes
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