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Rescue Central



Christmas Success

Posted on December 28, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Christmas Day has come and gone and has proved to be as busy and eventful as ever. Lots of emergencies and sorry sights to be seen but as always the team pulled together to see it through. Although Christmas is a tough time for everyone we have got through it all. I would like to say a special thank you to Mary, Andrea and the volunteers who have given their time so willingly over the festive season and continue to make plans for our special dogs for over the New Year . As you can see from the dog photos, dogs are being rehomed everyday and I would like to impress just how difficult that singular task is when doing it properly. These guys are not short of Santa Clauses' themselves performing miracles where you least expect them.


Now nearing towards the end of another year of rescue work it is time to reflect on the years events. The dogs we have had the pleasure in caring for have all had a story or two to tell in their own sweet way. There have been many many, in fact too many unkept and unloved dogs which have gripped and griped every single one of us. Many of the dogs have needed urgent veterinary attention. For instance, you may remember little deaf Snowy. She had huge problems with her intestines and needed a very big operation to put them right. We honestly didint think she would make the operation being so young and unwell but to all our delights she did and never looked back. After the operation she stayed with me and my family to recover. Recover she did. She soon had us running around after her through the path of puppy powered destruction and chasing poor Ruby round until she was exhausted. Anne at Hope found Snowy a lovely new home. A huge amount of gratiude is owed to Town & Country Vets for offering their services to help Snowy in her hour of need. Their care and attention was second to none. They only charged £100 for a £700.00 procedure and didnt charge a penny for any of her after care. I will be the first to admit it was a huge financial relief.


This year we have come into conatct with over 1000 dogs next year we envisage this to be in the region of 1200. This is a huge number but with your continued encouragement and support we will endeavour to succeed in our objectives.


Many thanks and best wishes to all who have given a loving home to one of our dogs. We hope your new addition has settled in well and become a huge part of your lives. If they have touched you in the way they have touched us in such a short space of time then we believe you will have a wonderful life together.


Please continue supporting us and we look forward to hearing from you all. Keep sending your emails of  news, updates and photos of how the dogs are doing. We have made many new friends during the past year and we look forward to meeting more next year.


Wishing you all a peaceful and prosperous New Year.



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