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Akitas by Jo Talbot , Friends of Akitas

Posted on August 4, 2010 at 11:51 AM

Hello and thank you for your kind response to our email.  Nicola Bell

our co trustee has forwarded it to me to respond to.  We have been

trying to rescue akitas with great success for over three years now.

We are all volunteers and akita owners that love the breed and want to

do all we can to help them.


They are a greatly misunderstood dog  that  arrived here in the UK

about twenty six years ago and made a huge impact in the show ring.

With their great presence and beauty they soon attracted many

followers and sadly many people who thought that it was a good way to

make money as the puppies were selling for what was then a huge

amount.    They are not a dog for everyone.  They are big and strong,

with stubborn, strong willed personalities and are not always very dog

friendly.   But are incredibly cute as pups.  This makes them a

difficult combination and why we have so many that need re homing.

They have also, very sadly, become the chosen dog of the less

desirable people who want a status tough dog to use for all sorts of

undesirable reasons.


Because of this we find it very difficult to find suitable homes for

them and to get other rescues to help us.


We have a kennel block which we support through donations where we

house a number of dogs, we also assess unwanted dogs that are kept in

their homes until we find a suitable home for them and we have a

number of dogs in foster homes awaiting their forever home.


We will also help with advice to struggling akita owners on training

and behavioral issues to help keep them with their owners.


last week alone we had nine dogs that were in urgent need either in

pounds where their seven days were up and it was either us helping or

the dog being put to sleep.  The week before it was five dogs.  We go

into these pounds and assess the dog.  If we find that it is a good

animal and deserves a life and can be safely re homed as far as we can

tell we then make every effort to either take it in as a foster or to

our kennels or as is the case most of the time when we are full up,

find another rescue that will take the dog.


We will always give back up to the other rescue in home checks and

advice if requested.


People do not understand that these dogs can be truly loving, kind

teddy bears.  But they need respect and a firm and strong minded

handler who can ensure that they get the support and training they



Thank you for your kind response and I hope that we can help each

other in some way in the future.  Either help with any akitas you get

or with any that we might need to help and have no where for them, as

is the instance at the moment.



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