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Neutering Your Dog

Posted on July 10, 2010 at 6:56 AM

Benefits of castrating dogs

Castration of the dog involves removing both testicles and is carried out as young as 6 months of age although is typically carried out at around 9 months of age.

Benefits of castrating dogs include:

*Eliminated risk of testicular tumours which can be quite common in older entire males.

*Reduced risk of prostate problems in later life.

*Making your dog less likely to wander and follow females in season.

*If done early enough can help reduce hormone driven behaviour and hormone driven boisterousness.

Sometimes dogs can have a retained testicle.When your dog is a very small puppy his testicles start life up by the kidney. As your dog grows the testicles migrate through to the inguinal region where they then descend into the scrotum; usually when your dog is around 12 weeks of age although this can be a lot longer.

If a testicle remains in the body and undescended your dog is known as cryptorchid.The testicle retained in the abdomen is kept at a higher temperature than it was designed to function at and is also usually under developed.This means that the chances of the testicle becoming cancerous is greatly increased and so it is strongly recommended that all dogs with a retained testicle are castrated.


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