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Mental Stimulation

Posted on July 8, 2010 at 12:39 PM

Mental Stimulation and how beneficial it can be for your dog


Mental stimulation is just as vital to our dog’s well-being as diet, health care and physical exercise; it can not only help relive boredom but can aid to solve some behaviour and training problems too. Stress and boredom are becoming more common amongst our canine friends, this is due to many factors, being left alone for long periods, restriction in displaying natural instincts, lack of consistent teaching and a restriction in interesting areas to walk. Like us doing the same thing or routine every day can become monotonous and is not healthy. To help our dogs live a full and happy life, we can add simple games and activities for them to do.

Feed scatter, dogs need to use their senses and this can be done by scattering their food on the lawn for them to seek out.

Hiding treats under plant pots/in corners etc is also a good game for your dog.

Making scent trails.

Using pop bottles filled with a few treats or part of their dinner can be great fun for your dog to throw around.

Cardboard boxes again filled with a few treats means your dog can seek them out.

Making sure your dog has plenty of items to chew; chewing is a natural and a beneficial part of their behaviour, we would recommend you have a selection of items that belong to your dog.

On the market are some great tools to purchase, shape puzzles/Treatballs and Kongs.

The Kong is such a useful and essential tool to have.

We would recommend you have at least two Kongs; one can be made up and placed in the fridge daily, ready for those important reward and distraction times. During the summer they can be frozen to help keep your dog cool. They are great to take out with you when on exercise to help with recall and other important areas you and your dog may need to learn but most of all they are great fun.

To keep our dog’s brain functioning from puppy hood right through to old age is so important and is part of the responsibility of being a good dog carer.

When taking on a rescue dog, this can be a stressful time for every one including your new dog, the kong can aid in helping your new dog to adjust and settle into their new home.

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