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Rescue Central



Geoff & Ed's update

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Hey Guys

Just an update on Eddie, who I re homed 12th of April!

Well, he has been a real handful!! But is now making into a great dog, He needs 24 7 all the time, Such a loving dog.

Its been quite a challenge, but been worth it!

As I say to people, I saved him, and he saved me!!

He really has got a great home, here in southport, took him a while to realise it, as , think he thought, maybe a stop gap again!!


He is surrounded by all my friends , All my customers, and he loves all the attention and love they all give him. AND, he gives it back,


He has a great home, Just me and Ed, 24/7!!

What more do we need. Off together caravaning next week!! That should be interesting!!!


Many thanks ,

Geoff and ED x

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