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News From the Holloway Family

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 4:40 AM

Hi everyone at Aspen Valley. I thought it time to give you an update on Scuttle, now Jack and Scraggy now Jamie. We have had Jack two years now and he has come along in leaps and bounds. He seemed to be somewhat depressed when we collected him, his eyes were vacant and nothing seemed to get him going, so we were very worried. His tail looked like a little pigs tail and he would not unfurl it, however we came back to Aspen to see a dog, but that did`nt work out and just as we were going in came a tiny little scraggy dog, and instantly clicked into place with all three of us, and this was a year ago. Well it was a long wait and others were very interested in him so we were very relieved when we could take him home were he met Jack again, and off they went like two lost brothers and neither of them has looked back since. Jack straight tale, and Jamie now trimmed are just meant to be together along with two rescued cats one of which has only three legs, and all four are like a little family. They go for a long walk every day with husband Ian and come back like --- well I will show you Jamie, sorry unable to show you the dogs as I am unable to find an upload point, I will send you an email with the pictures on, I can do it that way. Anyway Jamie comes home full of mud and anything else he can find, so it is to the shower most days.

Well the point of this email is to let you know they are both fine and well, very happy and we love them to bits, as they love us. We will try to get over one day so you can see them yourselves, I think you will be very happy with them as well as us.

Thank you for our dogs,

Marian and Ian.

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